Over the past few years I’ve used the Canon 5D. I first bought the 5D MK3 around 4 years ago and loved it. When the 5D MK4 came out I was pretty excited to upgrade. These 2 cameras have pretty much been the only cameras I’ve used for my Instagram photos unless I’ve stated otherwise.

The downfall of the 5D MK3/ MK4 is its video capabilities. Whilst the MK4 is capable of shooting at 60 FPS (which may be sufficient for some people) I much prefer shooting in super slow motion. For this reason I also own the 1DX MK2 for video which I’ll talk more about next.

Most of my creative friends who thrive with video shoot with the Canon 1DX MK2. I was hesitant to buy it at first due to its size and weight and went with the Sony A7S MK2 instead. I did enjoy using the Sony and its a great option for those who want to travel light, but after testing out my friends 1DX MK2 cameras I found the Sony just didn’t compare. I ended up selling my Sony soon after and upgraded to the Canon. For me it was a no brainer. The camera itself produces much nicer video in my opinion. Since I’ve used Canon cameras for years I’m much more familiar with the settings and already had a good selection of compatible lenses. If you use Sony for photos and have a good selection of Sony lenses it might be worth sticking with Sony for video too.

We bought this camera just to try something new. It’s a beautiful camera and such a pleasure to use! It’s more of an every day accessory to just walk around with to snap unexpected moments. With a fixed 28mm lens its pretty much perfect for any occasion. It’s amazing in Low Light too and sometimes returns better results than the 5D MK4!


Lenses are often more important than the camera especially if you’re aiming for a particular style or look. I have 5 lenses which cover everything I need when it comes to shooting.

This is pretty much my go-to lens and probably my favourite of all lenses. I don’t often shoot wider than 24mm so I use it for most of my landscapes, streets, etc. It’s super fast, versatile, and sharp. It’s also Canon’s best lens for shooting the Milky Way (even though this isn’t something I shoot often)

Like I said, I don’t often shoot wider than 24mm but this lens is the one I use when 24mm isn’t quite wide enough. It’s the only zoom lens I own/ really need as I find 24mm – 35mm my most commonly use focal length. It’s also a useful lens if you want some extra wiggle room when it comes to cropping images for instagram.

Probably my 2nd favourite lens, perfect for shooting a scene with a subject. I use this lens most of the time when Lauren or I are in the shot but we still want to show the location.

The perfect lens for portraits and arguably one of the best value for money lenses you can buy! Even when I’m not planning on using this lens it often stays in my camera bag due to being so unnoticeably tiny!

I rarely use this lens but every time I do I’m reminded how amazing it is. Perfect for making back drops appear bigger than they are, such as this temple / volcano combo in Bali.


When creating videos sound is super important, not just in interviews or when recording voice overs, but also for capturing surround sounds and back noise in cinematic.


For all underwater shots I use Aqua Tech underwater housing for the 1DX MK2. Even though I don’t get chance to use it regularly, it’s a necessity when travelling to tropical destinations. I bought the huge dome lens which makes shooting half in half out photos extremely easy!

The photo below was taken with the 1DX MK2, the Canon 24mm Lens, and the Underwater housing.


Another question I get asked numerous times on a daily basis is who takes your photos when you’re both in them.

Myself and Lauren take all our own photos unless I say otherwise in the caption. We use this Manfrotto tripod. Whilst some of our photos are planned, we don’t create fake scenarios. They’re planned to create a real and candid feeling that happened moments before the photo was taken. We find ourselves in amazing situations every day and want to share these moments with you. Since we often travel only with each other, we use the tripod achieve this style of imagery.

I have 2 drones from DJI – The Mavic Pro (which I bought first) and the Mavic Air (which I’ve only had for around 2 months)

Both drones are great and quite comparable but if I had to pick just one it would be the Mavic Air. It’s so tiny and can be transported anywhere with no fuss. When my camera bag is full we’ve even placed it in Laurens tiny handbag! It shoots in 120 FPS which makes it extra special.

Not really camera gear but hard drives are essential if you want to keep all of your content safe. I love the Lacie ones as they come with extra padding (which is extra protection).

I use the SanDisk Extreme PRO Compact Flash Card 160MB S – super fast and perfect for shooting both photo and video as well as a Manfrotto ND filter to achieve a more cinematic frame-rate when I shoot video.


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